UN concerned over shrinking civic space, inequality

The United Nations is concerned over the signs of a shrinking civic space increasing inequality, as well as the violence faced by women and girls from Bangladesh.

UN Resident Coordinator Mia Seppo made this remark in her DCAB (Diplomatic Correspondents Association of Bangladesh) Discussion in the Foreign Service Academy today.

She noted that the worldwide shrinking of the civic environment is of major worry, but a country which aspires to democracyit is not healthy.

Mia Seppo also commented that reviewing the Digital Security Act, as suggested by the UN will aid in improving the situation.

The UN official claimed that the Covid-19 disease has increased the issues of inequality reaching those Sustainable Development Goals, and gender inequality.

As Bangladesh is removed from LDC status and gains opportunities, it will be able to take advantage of them however, it will have to confront issues of inequality and deal with them efficiently, Mia Seppo said.

The journalist also informed journalists that the UN is in the point of launching activities for Rohingyas located in Bhashan Char.

The UN is currently having talks with Bangladeshi NGO's that are working in Bhashan Char about ways to be effective in their work there.

She claimed that she was aware that the Bangladesh Government has put in massive expenditures in Bhashan Char in order to create a more livable environment however, there was in reality, negative media.

DCAB president Pantho Rahaman and General Secretary AKM Moinuddin also spoke.

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